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    Steven Bond

    O: (801) 899-1950

    Your Advocate in Utah Real Estate

    I began my career in real estate in 2007. The motive behind getting into real estate was to make a change and create a lifestyle conducive to raising a family. With five kids (4 boys and 1 girl) life is about so much more than losing yourself daily in the grind of a job you're not passionate about. Don't get me wrong, I still work a consistent 50 hours a week, but I love being able to control my time to coach soccer games, be a part of my kids ski team at Sundance Resort and ski the beautiful mountains in the Wasatch Front with them and with clients, go to baseball games, travel when I want, and make the most of this great life.

    When I first started real estate a mentor told me being in real estate is an exciting adventure. Being a REALTOR is more than just finding a buyer and seller and latching on to them to make a commission. Being in real estate is a visionary career. The real masters of the market can see the market from the mountaintops looking down and say "How can I make an impact on this market in a way that increases the value of my community and my friends that live there?". I have tried to build my career on that model while maintaining a slogan of becoming "Your Advocate in Utah Real Estate".

    Thank you for visiting my page, thank you for years of repeat and referral business, and thank you for living in such a great place that I've loved calling home since 2006.

    Fun Facts:
    -Born and raised in AZ
    -Served an LDS mission from 2000-2002 in London, England
    -Met my wife, Christina, on the mission (she served there too)
    -My nose was broken by a scout leader at 14 and bends only one direction
    -I love Crystal Light (w/caffeine)
    -I've ran two full marathons and two half marathons
    -I love karaoke, but I'm not good at it
    -Laughing is awesome so I do it regularly and like to be around people that enjoy it too
    -I crave self-improvement and am always reading something to improve or listening to a podcast or audio-book

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    Steven Bond
    RE/MAX Equity
    295 W Center St
    Provo, UT 84601
    Phone: (801) 899-1950

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