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    I Love having the ability to CREATE, it is a necessity of my life. It all began as a little boy taking apart broken toys looking to see how it worked and what went wrong so I could fix it. I could never throw something away, until I had torn it apart and learned something about it. I still have that fascination to take things apart and see its intricate parts working together to perform a task. I have applied this to things in life. There is never a reaction or effect without first having a cause. That very cause is always backed by small detailed thoughts, steps/processes, having an action take place through words, pictures, movement, and all other forms to CREATE that something that was desired and now a reality.

    Life is too short to live a boring life. Create and it will become exciting an adventurous as I have been able to do. Not all things are perfect, but with creating that cause, there will always come an effect. 'Live Your Dreams, & Help Others Live Theirs" Is my life quote! It is about helping others along the way. And that is why I am here, helping in marketing that I love and can create with passions that I already have. Being a photographer/cinematographer and having a background in art and design makes me an asset to those around me. I will find ways to help others succeed while having an increase myself. By continually gaining more experience and adding to my knowledge base, gives me the upper-hand in marketing you personally and collectively as a completed working toy, each working together to create that chosen cause and effect ultimately receiving what we want from our goals.

    Don't let the beard scare you, I keep that lion mane as tame as can be!
    HAHA I won't bite either, well at least thus far I have a clean record!
    If you keep on my good side I wont have to give a large Roar, ha no I wont do that, just a quite meow will suffice hahahaha......
    Thanks for letting me amuse you, lets work on CREATING the new effect you desire!

    How about some naked truth:
    -I am one of two bearded brothers, and no we are not twins
    -Born in my grandparents home, not a hospital
    -Raised on the ranch in Nevada
    -Had a Miniature Horse named Cinnabon with her foal I named Minibon (cutest little thing ever!)
    -Love pigs
    -Love working on hot rods
    -Canyoneering is a favorite
    -Glider Pilot
    -Love to have a good time!
    -Join me on an adventure

    Casey Bohner
    Property Management
    Office: 385-236-5514
    RE/MAX Equity
    295 W Center St
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    Phone: 385-236-5514

    Casey Bohner

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