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    Backcountry Adventure

    Back Country Adventure long


    Utah is known for its famous backcountry. These are the areas that are outside of the skiing boundaries.  It is where the magic happens! It is where you can immerse yourself in untouched powder, amazing scenery, and nothing but you and nature. This is what you Adrenalin junkies are searching for, that untouched powder! The greatest part about Utah is that the Wasatch trailheads are less than an hour from just abut anywhere on the Wasatch front, Utah’s backcountry really is closer than you think. Once you go beyond the trailheads there are thousands of acres of backcountry for the taking, through multiple national forests and the vast Wasatch Mountain range you will find what you are searching for.

    Now in order to experiences the backcountry you need to have proper knowledge and training. For those without  the equipment or avalanche skills and training, Fear not! there are local guiding companies who can guide you to that untouched powder you’re craving. Avalanche-expert guides with get you to where you want to go. Their detailed knowledge of the area and the terrain will get you where you want to go safely.

    What to know to keep you safe in the Backcountry

    Those of you that are choosing to enter the backcountry from any trailhead or that choose to leave the ski area boundaries. You will need the standard in avalanche safety gear, have taken avalanche safety training, and should be up to date on all local conditions of where it is that you will be venturing. The Utah Avalanche Center can keep you up to date on avalanche safety information before you decide to head out. Avalanche equipment can be rented and found no problem! You can use local guides to get you all set up to take on the backcountry, while keeping you safe and lead you to to where the magic happens. Take a look below at some great local guiding companies to help you achieve your powder dreams.

    The need to knows before you head out  

    • Equipment: You need to have proper clothing, transceiver, shovel, and a probe. Know how to use all of your equipment!
    • Training: Avalanche courses are a must to take and learn the signs to danger and know your terrain.
    • Forecast: Keep up to date on the most recent forecast from Utah Avalanche Center before you decide to take on the backcountry.
    • Recent Avalanches: Keep track of recent avalanches around the area may mean dangerous conditions.
    • Stay safe: There is always another day, be prepared and know what your up against

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