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    Center Street Community Development Project


    The City of Provo is pushing hard to get a new and improved downtown experience. New businesses and a new standard of city living is coming to Provo. The municipal council that is acting as the Redevelopment Agency for the project, just decided on a builder to take on this massive project. This project is a city owned property that is between 300 and 400 West on center street well know as the Block 70. There has been many developers in the past proposing various ideas on what to use the area for, but none have presented an actual proposal to the council. Finally this year three developers have presented their proposals to the council. The development group Cowboy Partners, PEG Development, and Dharmesh Ahir all submitted their proposals for the site.

    The Redevelopment agency has decided that the residential proposal made by Cowboy Partners would be the best fit for the downtown area. The design includes a mix of retail store fronts mixed in with restaurants occupying the main ground level. The next 2 to 5 floor levels would consist of apartments housing with a step back along Center Street, a Plaza off 300 West that would house three to five stories of apartment living. The goal of the project is to bring more and more people to the downtown area and offer an atmosphere that can be enjoyed day and night.






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