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    How Get Your Kitchen Ready for Thanksgiving



    We all know that preparing for a Thanksgiving feast can be stressful! We have 10 tips that can help the day go by a little smoother, keep your kitchen a little cleaner, and help keep your sanity intact.



    Clear your counter space

    This is a great place to start in order to clear your mind and get ready to go shopping!  So load the dishwasher, take that clutter and put in in your junk drawer and eat all the left over Halloween candy. Now you have a nice fresh clean counter to work with, sit down and write up your Thanksgiving shopping list.



    Finalize your shopping list

    Go through all of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes that you have collected through the years. If this is your first year hosting grab those great holiday magazines, Pinterest posts, or your favorite cookbook. While you have all of your recipes spread out start making your list of everything you will need.


    Clean oven/stovetop

    Next in line, cleaning the stovetop and the oven. Best approach to tacking the dreaded oven and stove is to remove all of the racks, coils, and drip pans soak them in the tub with hot soapy water and scrub all that built up grim off. Now for the bottom and walls of the oven get yourself some baking soda and warm water make yourself a paste. Then start spreading it on all dirty areas, let it sit for around 15 to 20 minutes, then take a bristled brush and start scrub with warm water and rinse clean.

    Cleaning out the fridge/freezer

    You will need all the room yo can get! Get ready to pack these with all sorts of ingredients, leftovers, and of course your giant turkey. Taking a little time now to clean them out now will save you the headache later. make sure and dispose of any old or outdated ingredients and get yourself room.

    Source: Peter Cardamone

    Declutter drawers and cabinets

    Get ready to give up the cereal boxes! We all like to collect cereal boxes with only crumbs left, its time to throw them out. Clean out any expired food, and clean out all those bags of chips with crumbs left. You will definitely need the extra space for new ingredients and snacks. De-cluttering all your drawers is a good idea just so you can better find the measuring cups, butter knives or plates when you need them.

    Take inventory of your ingredients

    You now have a clean slate! Now you will be able to make sure you have all the necessities such as flour, salt, pepper, butter and olive oil are full and ready to go for Turkey day. Make sure you look at all your prior food storage, you likely won’t need to buy things you already have stock of. Cross all these items off your list and get only what you need.


    Stock the pantry

    Are you ready? It’s time to stock the pantry with all your favorite Thanksgiving snacks and drinks for all your guests. You might want to consider grabbing a few quick and easy meals for when all the leftovers are gone over the weekend.

    Pick up disposable containers for leftovers

    Do not forget to grab some disposable plastic containers when you are at the store, food wrap and plastic bags are a necessity. These are for your guests, you can pawn off the massive amounts of leftovers . You wont have to keep track of your containers just send them home with a disposable container.

    Prep your silver, planters etc.

    You have completed your menu, now you can make sure you have acquit serving dishes, platters and utensils for each dish you’re making. Make sure you give yourself a reminder of what goes on what dish. Always a good Idea to label what goes where, and it also helps you don’t forget to serve a dish.

    Get your table decorations ready

    Now all you have is the decorations and table decor. Make it your own start collecting your decorations ahead of time and get them ready. A great Idea is to decorate the table before hand, even get it all ready the day before. Make this Thanksgiving meal a memorable one by being prepared ahead of time.






    Picture Source: Peter Cardamone


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