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    When Cabin Fever Strikes

    Winter can be hard for kids and moms alike. Being stuck in the house, snow on the ground, too cold to play outside all day. Kids get bored, mom’s get stressed. We complied a fun list of things you can do with the kids when the weather has got you down.


    Fun inexpensive things to do when cabin fever strikes

    1. -Make Hot Chocolate 3-kids-in-snow
    2. -Go sledding together
    3. -Make paper snowflakes
    4. -Go bowling
    5. -Make sun catchers
    6. -Make a graph showing each day’s hi and low temperatures
    7. -Make ice cream out of snow. Find the recipe here:
    8. -Go roller/ice skating
    9. -Have a snowball fight
    10. -Play your favorite board games together
    11. -Measure the snowfall
    12. -Go ice skating together
    13. -Make snow angels and watch the snow fall together
    14. -Buy a kid-sized shovel and shovel the driveway or sidewalk together
    15. -Visit your local library and check out books on winter themes
    16. -Draw and color a mural showing a winter scene
    17. -Build a snow fort together
    18. -Take a knitting class at your local craft store and make hats for each other

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