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    Utah is incredible when it comes to local events and the greatest part of all is you can catch these events happen all year long. We would like to invite you to enjoy all of the festivals and events Utah has to offer. Utah has an incredibly diverse culture and what a better way to express the art of our heritages than to host incredible festivals and events. There are events for every season, level of adventure, and degree of culture.


    Top Utah Events and Festivals

    The two day event in Spanish Fork, Holi Festival of Colors

    The two day event in Midway. The Midway Swiss Days Festival, This is one of Utah’s largest festivals and one you can’t miss!

    The four day event in Midway. The Soldier Hollow Classic, This is an international Sheepdog Championship competition, that has become the largest of its kind.

    The month long event up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Oktoberfest, One of Utah’s largest festivals attracting over 60,000 each year  to enjoy some of Germany’s greatest food, beer and music.

    Every January a festival in beautiful Park City. The Sundance Film Festival, Is considered the U.S. premier showcase for American and international independent films.

    The Utah Shakespeare Festival is an Award®-winning Festival and showcases some of the greatest theater productions in history.

    The Utah Arts Festival is an amazing local event. It shows some of the greatest local ,national and international artists for over 30 years.


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